ED209 TMA02 – Finished at last!

This has been a much more difficult TMA to sort out that I thought it was going to be and despite what I said about essay writing after I’d finished TMA01, I’m almost relieved that the next one is an essay question. As I’m ahead in the reading for the course, the coming week will see me make a start on it so I don’t get too far ahead and forget all I’ve read in the first three chapters of book 2.

The first part of TMA02, five 200 word short answer questions on methodological terms such as correlation coefficients, experimental design and reliability were fairly straightforward (I think!) and I’m happy with the answers I’ve given.

Part 2, on the ethics of  a replication of Bandura’s classic 1965 study on the ability of children to learn aggression by watching films of a man hitting a Bobo doll took much longer to do. I’m also far less happy with what I’ve produced, particularly for the second and third sections of the question.

I’ve now got to the point where it’s probably not going to get any better. It’s ‘good enough’, I hope, so I’ll be firing up the eTMA system in a couple of evening’s time to make sure I hit the Friday deadline. I also struggled to get in under the word count. My answer to Part 2 has ended up at 999 words (there was a 1,000 word hard limit), but I started off with a draft at nearly 1,600 words to prune from. I just hope I’ve pruned the right bits (unlike some of my recent attempts in the garden).

The first task for TMA03 is to decide which of the two essay questions to tackle. At the moment, I’m drawn to the second option on how children’s development is influenced by play with siblings and peers as the first option would mean reading the disgusting book 2, chapter 2 text again on disturbed and disturbing behaviour (see my thoughts in an earlier post on that particular gem).

For the rest of the evening, I intend finishing a nice bottle of Rioja that was opened earlier on today when my mother came for lunch, which I was unable to sample properly then as I had to drive her home and then take daughter Emily out for driving practice.

It’s Em’s third attempt at passing the practical test on Friday, so if you’re in and around Derby that day stay off the roads, or at least, don’t give any learner drivers you see a hard time!


  • michelle

    does anyone have assignment booklet they can email acopy of, i registered last feb and deferred, have material to read but no booklet, starting course in feb

    • tim

      Hi Michelle,

      I’m fairly certain that printed assignment booklets aren’t used any more – the TMA questions are posted on the (closed) course website instead – at least, that’s what happened on SD226 last year. Probably the best way of asking to see these would be to contact your OU regional centre to see if they can provide access. I suspect emailing copies around might be against the rules, sadly.


  • di

    can any one point me in the right direction with TMA 02 ‘Sharon study’

  • sima

    Hey Tim,
    Can I just say what a grand job you’re doing here! blogging about your OU course, trials and errors! Seriously it’s admirable. I’m doing ED209 and SD226 and have been attempting to use the ‘forums’ but just can’t gel with them….don’t know not user friendly enough….will attempt again now after reading you post to Raishmi.

  • Hi Mairi,

    I know what you mean about referencing! There have been some really useful discussions and advice given on the course forums about this subject and, bottom line, if you’re really not sure about something I find an email to my tutor tends to clear things up.

    I don’t mind that referencing is somewhat different to DSE212; different journals (for example) have different house referencing styles, so learning to do it in slightly different ways is all part of the learning experience as far as I’m concerned. I try not to get too hung up on the fine detail as there are many more marks available for getting the essay ‘right’, so that’s where I try to spend my time.

    I do agree with your observations about some of the course texts (though I think most of it is pretty good really). Book 2 chapter 2 was the one that really annoyed me, but, the following chapter is probably the one I’ve enjoyed most so far on all of the course (and the authors were similar)! My intention was to submit a course review to the team at the end of the experience, once I have a bit of time in the evenings after its all finished – roll on 5.31pm on 21st October! It think that’s helpful to them, and hopefully to students who follow us on this adventure in later years to provide something considered in this way.

    I like learning with the OU; when I contrast it with my time at Warwick in the early 80’s, the standard of teaching is much more consistent (at Warwick it varied from the mind-bendingly brilliant to the truly dreadful).

    Good luck with the rest of the course!

  • Mairi

    I’ve just completed this assignment but I’m bemused to find no guide to referencing DVDs in the Methods and Skills Handbook. I’m finding the course texts less comprehensive and less intuitive than my previous course texts for DSE212. Irritatingly, that course used a different system for referencing. Shame this course couldn’t offer students the exhaustive list of referencing examples that DSE212 provided. This is a minor point, as are my other niggles, but they’re starting to add up to a general feeling that the course team lacks a certain consideration for the reader/student.

  • Brigitte

    Hi There,
    Having similair thoughts about the TMA 02 – Part 2 find myself writing with gusto only to edit, delete and redo!

    I noticed you mention ED209 forum, signed up with the OU Learning Page in order to check the forum but all I seem to find are a few old post dating back to 2007, call me Dumbo but do you happen to have a link to it?

    Hope you’ll get a good mark for TMA02!

  • rashmi

    hi, even I am doing ED209. I am good with the essays but i am finding this TMA 02 very difficult. i am not able to attend the tutorials due to work load at home as well as at work place. I have no idea what the questions are and what should i read to answer them. can you help please?

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