CITP – I might be nearly there!

CITP Application Status

CITP Application Status

I had my online CITP interview yesterday morning with two very friendly assessors. Now all I need is the result! Whatever, it was an enjoyable experience from my side, even though the conferencing software played up and we ended up resorting to a telephone conference for audio (and the video never did work for one of the assessors.) It also ate my presentation somewhere towards the end of the hour … but we’d finished with it by then anyway. Maybe the BCS should try Netviewer instead – it seems to operate flawlessly at work for us.

If it’s anything like the previous stages, it could take a while before I hear back as to whether I can finally call myself a Chartered IT Professional. So, if all’s gone well, the next target has to be fellowship!


  • timholyoake

    Cheers Arnold – I’ll have to have a look into that one! It’ll be another couple of years before I get the Dip Psych post nominals, with luck.


  • If you’ve not already got it, the European Engineer is the next thing to go for. The CITP is one of the usual boring looking certificates but the Eur Ing one looks really nice on the wall.

    And, of course, it won’t be long before you can make a start on the psych letters too!

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