The career I never had

A tweet on the Warwick University (@warwickuni) feed appeared today with a link to a website created by Stephen Merchant, with clips of his radio show on W963, the university radio station, from the mid 90s. I was around a decade or so earlier, but the photograph he’s posted at the bottom of the page is a very familiar view to me. It’s looking into the main studio at the top of the student’s union building from the control room. I’m pleased to see that the tradition of a messy control room and studio had been maintained even into the shiny 1990s.

Once I’ve got through my DD303 exam on the 18th October,  I’ll head up into the attic and collect together some of my W963 memorabilia and post it on here. I might even see if I can digitise a few of the jingles I used on air from the mouldering collection of C120 tapes I have of my (truly dreadful) shows. They’re the reason radio is the career I never had …


Your thoughts?