DD307 – TMA03 blues and project panic

So. Three TMAs completed for DD307 which have resulted in the 3 lowest scores of my degree. I really thought that I was going to score better on the project proposal than I did (after all, I managed to write a really good one for DD303 last year.) Unless I’m missing something, there’s not a huge amount of difference between the two courses in the skills required to put together a proposal. Literature searching, grounding your proposal in what’s been done before and so on. But the feedback was useful and I can use it to help with the actual project, so it’s not all bad.

It has meant that I’ve definitely had to lower my sights on what I might get as a final grade for this course. As TMA04 – the project itself – counts as 20% of the exam this year rather than as part of the continuous assessment, the best I can now achieve is a pass 2 overall as my TMA scores when averaged and substituted and weighted won’t get me anywhere near the 85% threshold. I’m comforting myself with the knowledge that as I already have a level 3 distinction in the bag from last year, provided I end up with at least a pass 3 then it won’t adversely affect my final degree classification.

With a little bit of the self-imposed pressure off, perhaps I’ll be able to enjoy the course a little more and think with greater clarity about it and what it all means.

It looks as if I should be able to do my group discussion sometime during w/c 6th June, assuming my tutor is happy with my ethical approval form corrections. That would leave me around 3 weeks to get the project written up properly (as the course team are insisting this one is returned by snail mail.) On the final weekend before the deadline I’m off to the festival of speed at Goodwood. As that was my Christmas present, there’s no way I want the project still hanging over me then!

I’ve barely blogged anything about SD226. I managed to get TMA02 in on time. It’s not as good as it could have been, but I think it was good enough. TMA03 will be a bit of a challenge though – it’s due in on the same day as the DD307 project. I therefore need to break the back of it over the coming bank holiday weekend I think – otherwise, I’m almost certainly going to have to ask for my first ever extension.

So I’m sat here in a state of mild panic about the volume of work that needs doing during June. It will feel really good when July arrives!



  • jam

    is there anyone who studied DD303 and DD307 in one year altogether? if yes, then how it was to co-up with these modules?

    • tim

      Some people do … Perhaps visiting the OUSA forums for these courses ( or the 120 pointers forum ) might turn up people who have done this or who are doing it at the moment? I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to attempt both together though!

  • tim

    Hi Clare,

    I probably sound more miserable than I really am, but, hey, if that helps you a lttile that's absolutely fine!!

    I'm also procrastinating while writing up my project report – so thank you for your comment, it's given me the perfect excuse to be distracted for a few minutes!

    Back to the grindstone, I suppose … 🙂


  • Clare

    It sounds awful Tim, but I am comforted by your misery.  I feel that I am missing some fundamental aspects on this course as my 80+ average grade has also slipped well below par and I'm struggling for motivation to write my project at the moment wondering what awful score I'll get for this one, indeed I have falled behind and was looking for inspiration on line when I found your website. So that's a bonus for today.
    Good luck for the rest of the course

  • Sonya

    If it's any comfort, I'm also getting much lower marks for DD307 TMAs than for any other module.  Past module averages were 85%+.  The DD307 (straight, no substitution) average so far is 78%!!!   I'm stymied….can't figure out how to improve.  So have just signed up for Linda Corlett's Revision weekend in addition to the Warwick one!  May sound crazy but here's hoping that something will start to make sense:-)
    Thanks goodness SD226 material (yes, also carrying a double load) is straight forward.  At least for my brain:-)  So far, so good, with excellent TMA marks…. best so far of all psychology modules!  Even though I'm not a techie and studied liberal arts at uni first time around…..
    And, yes…. June is a totally insane month…. tooo much to do and so little time!
    All the best with your project!
     At least SD226 TMAs aren't posing the same problem…..

    • tim

      I’m currently averaging 70 on DD307 TMAs, while at the same time averaging 90 on SD226 and I somehow managed to average 95 on DD303 last year! I’ve given up on the pursuit of a distinction for DD307 now. I’m not even sure I’ll bother with the Warwick revision weekend which I’d planned to go to. All I need is a pass 3 anyway – so I should manage it without the additional expense.

      I’m finding it a lot more straightforward and interesting now that I’ve decided to treat TMAs tactically!

      It is horribly frustrating though. I think if I’d done this course before DD303 then I might not have bothered completing the degree.

      All the best to you as well and I hope the project goes well. I’ve got stuck into my analysis tonight, which was fun!

  • Katie Stanley

    I agree totally about the amount of stuff we have to do this month with the project and SD226! You would think the OU could manage to get its act together and not put two deadlines for courses they know us pyschology students often do together on the same day! ah well, onwards and upwards… hope your project stuff goes well.

  • Graham

    I’m in the same boat: getting much lower marks than expected.

    Hope it goes well.

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