Attitudes and attributions

It’s funny how certain topics tend to stick in your mind and others don’t. I’ve spent most of today so far revising the attitudes and attributions chapters. With attitudes, I now feel absolutely confident that I can tackle any of the previous questions, so if something similar comes up on Thursday I should be fine. As for attributions though, I simply can’t get Langdridge and Butt’s critique straight. It still makes little sense to me! However, I’m hoping that I can use Merleau-Ponty’s argument about the overvaluing of empiricism and intellectualism elsewhere, as I do understand that part of it …

Tomorrow I’m going to go back to group processes and will try to write out yet more essay plans and exam answers. My hand hurts already!

At the moment, just under three days out from the exam, it all feels like it’s starting to come together. However, I really hope the examiners don’t decide to get creative with the social judgement questions and mix and match the attributions and attitudes chapters.

They wouldn’t do that, would they?


  • Hi Tim,

    I am only revising attitudes as I didn’t see the point (or have the time as have DD303 next week too!) to revise both chapters. Pretty confident with attitudes (knock wood!). I’ve used the extra time to focus on the interrogative themes as I feel they are probably the difference between the grade boundaries.

    Attitudes, Bystander Intervention, Intra-group processes and then Embodiment and Inter-group processes as plan B. I actually enjoy the exams and revision it is usually where a lot of pennies drop and the courses come together for me. Hopefully I will finish my BSc next Wednesday be done with it!

    I agree with Donna’s point entirely!

    Best of luck with the exam!


  • Donna

    No they wouldn’t mix attitudes and attributions unless they wanted to create some inter-group conflict :o)

Your thoughts?