My hand hurts

I’ve been trying to write practice essays and essay plans over the last couple of days.

Conclusion: I probably know more than enough to get through the DD307 exam on Thursday, but it’s going to be a struggle writing it down on paper!

Take this afternoon for example. I managed to write around 800-900 words in 50 minutes for a question on prejudice and conflict. However, as the question was actually focussed on approaches to conflict reduction I spent too little time talking about that at the end of the essay and too much time talking about Adorno, Rokeach, Fisher, Allport and Fiske & Taylor on individual approaches to prejudice at the beginning. I need to remind myself to answer the question that’s been set for two reasons:

i) Examiners never, ever ask questions that say “Tell me all you know about …”

ii) If I try to answer questions in that way, then not only will I annoy the examiner, but my hand will fall off.

As it already hurts, that may not be a bad thing I suppose.

Your thoughts?