Glad it’s all over!

That’s it – all done! Bye bye DD307 and good riddance!

I think I managed to pull together two decent answers on attitudes and bystander intervention, complemented by an iffy one on prejudice and conflict.

Provided I’ve managed to score more than 55% on the examinable component (and I already had a nice head-start from the project) I’ll be very happy indeed at some point in December. Always assuming I’ve got through SD226 as well, of course.

Because the OU psychology degree is accredited for the graduate basis for chartership (GBC) with the British Psychological Society, I can also pay to get some more post-nominals to go with my MBCS CITP by joining the society. This looks more than worthwhile for their in-house magazine “The Psychologist” alone. I wish I could say the same for the British Computer Society’s magazine, but at least “Resurrection”, the magazine produced by the Computer Conservation Society within the BCS, makes that subscription worthwhile.

I also really like the idea of MBPsS being on my business cards as very few people I meet will ever figure out what it stands for!

Thanks again to everyone – family, friends, tutors and fellow students – who have been with me on this journey. All I need to do now is figure out “what next”. But for the moment, I’m just glad it’s all over.


  • Ruth O'Dell

    Glad the exam went Ok Tim – I should think you’ll do pretty well.
    I had a bad dream aboiut SD226 last night – I dreamt the tutor was reading out the results in front of us and then said, “Ruth, there’s a major problem with yours….I’ll explain after lunch”.
    I woke up feeling quite anxious – had I submitted it properly etc. Clearly my unconscious was feeling repressed!
    I too will be glad to get the result come December.
    Hopefully it will be a cause for celebration.

    • tim

      Hi Ruth,

      Yes – let’s hope so! You should have seen some of the dreams and nightmares that us DD307ers were having before the exam as reported in various forums 🙂


  • Cam

    Good on everyone!

    I’m now seriously cramming for DD303 next week.

    Well done Tim that’s quite an achievement.



  • Strategic Hero

    Congratulations on completing the last hurdle for your degree course !

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and you deserve the rest of the year off.

    I look forward in reading what you plan to do next.


    Strategic Hero

  • Diane

    Done. And dusted. Well done Tim and all of us 307ers!

  • Debbie

    Pheww, great to have my life back. Thanks Tim for all your wonderful blogs, good luck with your next venture when you decide what it is going to be!

  • Belinda Nicholls

    Yay. Well done Tim. Thank goodness that’s over eh?

  • Gail Ollis

    They think it’s all over…. It is now!!!

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