Spondon in colour 1956: Before the Borrowash bypass

Many of you enjoyed the black and white photographs of the A52 bypass being built through Spondon I posted here a few weeks ago. I’ve also managed to unearth a few colour slides of Spondon in 1956. These were taken before the bypass was built, presumably in late spring / early summer judging by the state of the foliage.

Willowcroft Road 1956Willowcroft Road – with no bridge!

Kirk Leys Avenue 1956The view across Willowcroft Road towards Kirk Leys Avenue

Spondon Methodist Church 1956Spondon Methodist Church

Lodge Lane 1956Lodge Lane

Derby Road 1956Derby Road

I can place the exact location from where the first four of these photographs were taken quite easily. The fifth is a little more puzzling to me. The original slide is labelled Derby Road, but I’m not sure which section it is or the direction that the photograph has been taken towards. My best guess is that it’s facing towards Spondon Garage, taken from around where the Asda roundabout is today. However, there seems to be too many houses on the right hand side of the image for that to be right.

Any help you can give me in working out where the final slide was taken from would be appreciated!

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  1. Hi, I think you’re right about Derby Road. My friend lived at No. 35 – the last house now is No. 33.

    1. Thanks Gill. So presumably some of the houses on the right hand side of the photograph were demolished? I had no idea!


  2. It is the stretch between B & Q and Celanese Island, looking towards celanese Island. The houses are still there.

    1. i know im about two years out of date but ive only just come across this page trying to find out exactly what date in 1917 these houses were built.
      yes some of the houses in the picture still exist but not all. as some have said already, the picture is not between the old B&Q & station road island. the picture actually looks to me like it is starting from either where the asda/a52 island is now or even slightly further away.
      we live along this row. looking on the left of the old picture there is only one tree very close to the road, this tree on google now is just a stump as it was cut down a few years back ( we live practically opposite this stump). also check the chimney’s stacks from the old to the new, the one with 5 pots in this picture does not exist anymore. they knocked, i think, about 15 houses down to build the a52 (i could be wrong with that)
      in my opinion, the zebra crossing in the old picture would currently lie somewhere underneath asda island or at least close to that.

  3. I think you all in the right area but too far away. The kerb at the bottom right is the turn to the original Megalaughton Lane and the zebra crossing went over to Merchant Avenue.

    1. that’s pretty much what i said? its under asda island. i live in one of them so ive a fairly good idea where the road lies lol.

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