The continued resurgence of computer science?

There was some encouraging news for the IT industry in the data released by UCAS today. The number of students accepting places on computer science courses at university has increased by 12% compared to last year’s intake.

In graphical form, the change in the relative numbers of students accepted onto computing courses since 2011 looks like this:

Computer Sciences 2011-2015The figures look encouraging if you only consider the intake over these five years. However, given that there was a decline of 23.3% in the number of computer sciences undergraduates between 2002 and 2012, it’s clear that there’s still a way to go before demand for these skills outstrips supply in what is a growing industry in the UK. Skill shortages are also increased by the limits the current government is imposing on granting visas to non-EU foreign nationals, despite the negative consequences for the economy this policy has.

Your thoughts?