Pills, small steps and chocolate

I’m on the final day of my first cycle of chemotherapy, so the pill load will come down tomorrow. I’ve always hated swallowing pills and I’ve swallowed more of them in the last five days than I have in the last ten years (*).

So far I’ve felt rather wiped out and haven’t been sleeping particularly well, but I am making small steps.

Today I’ve managed my first walk outside, to the post box and back. I’ve put the black bin away. Most importantly, Gnu now knows that it’s March as I’ve turned the garage calendar over.

Not much I admit, but it’s been a positive whirl of activity compared with what I was able to manage over the weekend.

Side effects have been limited so far. The anti-nausea drugs work quickly, meaning that I haven’t been close to being sick, thank goodness. I’ve had a little bit of peripheral neuropathy – a pins and needles sensation – in the ends of my fingers on the left hand, but that seems to be easing now.

The most disconcerting changes have been in my sense of smell and taste. I’ve gone right off coffee and disappointingly, edamame beans. I think that’s possibly because they have a similar size and texture, if not colour, to the pills I’ve been taking. The thought of beer or wine revolts me. It’s also taken me two days to eat six small slices of Galaxy milk chocolate …

I’m hoping to make further small steps over the next few days. Even though this is only my third day off work, I’m missing it. I’m hoping to be feeling well enough to be able to do something from home soon – there’s only so much “Homes under the hammer” I can take.



(*) That may be a slight exaggeration, but not much of one. Hayfever antihistamine tablets don’t count as they’re too small.

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