Race for Life – Team Holyoake III: Revenge of the Sith-ters

I’ve had a pretty soggy week recovering from chemotherapy cycle 2. Mantle Cell Lymphoma, although treatable, still needs more research before a cure can be declared. That’s why I’m so proud of both of my daughters for deciding to run in Cancer Research’s Race for Life – again – this summer.

I’m republishing what they’ve said on their appeal pages because they’re both brilliant pieces of writing.

Emily’s Race for Life

Team Holyoake III - The revenge of the sith-tersMy dad, Tim, was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma a few years back. This year he’ll be undergoing treatment.

After Dad’s diagnosis, my sister Jess and I signed up for Race for Life 2015 to do our first 10ks. Unfortunately, that year I ended up needing emergency surgery a couple of weeks before the race, so Jess ran it alone. But in 2016 we completed it together.

Last year was the first year we didn’t sign up, mostly because I became preoccupied with the small issue of getting married. Dad walked me down the aisle and gave a suitably embarrassing speech. And he’s going to do the same when it’s Jess’s turn (partner TBC).

So to that aim – this year Team Holyoake optimistically strides forward for the third time. Jess is a lot fitter these days (since she’s planning to become a personal trainer like some sort of healthy, motivated person) but if anything I have become even more attached to my sofa and my knitting. So please give as generously as you can.

(By the way: we’re running this in Exeter, even though I’ll have moved Oop North by the time it gets to the race itself. I’m strongly considering signing up for another 10k in the Midlands if I meet my first target of £200, just in case that motivates you…)

Emily’s Race for Life donation page is here if you’d like to make some encouraging noises.

Jessica’s Race for Life

Emily and Jessica as kidsWe’re baaaaaack! After a year’s hiatus, me and Emily are taking part in another 10k Race for Life!

In 2015, we signed up for our first 10k, which unfortunately I had to do alone because Emily was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery. Talk about going to the extremes to get out of running. In 2016, at my most unfit, we ran the 10k together. Last year’s hiatus was mainly down to planning for Emily’s wedding and general life and work conflicts, but 2018 is the year of the comeback. Plus I’ve got fancy new trainers so I’m raring to go.

As a lot of you know, our dad was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2014, and in January 2018 it was finally decided he needed treatment. It’s going to be a tough year, but we’re determined to kick Cancer’s ass from all angles.

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m training to be a Personal Trainer this year. And if you know me you’ll also know that I HATE cardio, and I run a bit like I imagine a badger would. Emily, on the other hand, seems to be uncharacteristically graceful when she runs. SO THIS’LL BE FUN.

So dig deep. Cough up. Donate. It’s important, and it’s changing and saving lives.

Jessica’s Race for Life donation page is here if you’d like to make some encouraging noises.

Why donate today?

If simply loving me and my fellow lymphomaniacs isn’t enough, today is the last day of the 2017/18 tax year. If you are a taxpayer, it means that you will help to increase the amount of money Cancer Research can claim back from the government in 2018. Also, if you’re fortunate enough to be a higher rate taxpayer, you can personally claim back an extra 20% relief on your contribution through your tax return this year, rather than waiting until next year.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. And thank you if the Sith-ters have encouraged you to do so now!

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