Transplant +9: You little beauties!

Yesterday lunchtime I was given the encouraging news that my white cell count had started to move up slightly from zero, where it had been for a few days. My stem cells are clearly little beauties, as that happened slightly earlier than is normal. Today’s blood samples were taken at 6am. I’ve been waiting with high anticipation to see the verdict.

The consultant has just been to visit me and the encouraging trend is continuing. My total white count is now 0.4. My haemoglobin is stable at 88 and my platelets are back up to 30 (having been in single figures 72 hours earlier). There’s still a way to go before I’m fit for discharge, but there is an outside possibility that could happen as early as Sunday. Realistically, I’m steeling myself to be here until Tuesday. That would match the predicted 21 day stay I’d been given before admission.

I can’t tell you how happy I feel. It’s like Christmas with foot-long pigs in blankets ready to eat with lashings of cranberry jelly (*).

Because I’ve not been shaving to try to minimise any issues from nicking myself, I’m hairy in all the wrong places and losing hair from where I’d like to keep it. I am Mange Man. Suggestions for my potential superpowers are welcome …

Mange Man
I wonder what my superpowers are?

(*) I hear that Aldi have these on their Christmas offerings. This news immediately enraged the more traditional of my daughters, Jessica, who believes that the best bit about pigs in blankets is being able to eat 50 at once. She may be right …

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Reader Comments

  1. Andrew Morrish

    Glad to hear the news is good Tim – I can understand your delight with the prospect of release from an extended period in isolation.

    Mange-man powers create quite a vision – I imagine the ability to wax any enemy at will from great distance; perhaps even remove Trump’s crowing glory or smooth out Boris. Political power with a tuft rather than a Tusk

    I’m off to Aldi to measure the evidence……can’t wait

  2. Jonathan

    Those eyebrows have indeed survived everything modern medicine has thrown at them! Great to hear you news! Keep strong. Your desk awaits – your pens are still lined up in attack formation.

  3. Jeanette

    Your sense of humour never fails Tim, neither does your inner strength it seems. As I said to you on your visit to the office – you really are an inspiration.
    This is GREAT news (yours and the PIB!)

  4. Matthew Smith

    Good news Tim!

    I’m happy to hear the progress. As to a super power, eating 50 pigs in blankets is a pretty good power 🙂

    Smiling and keeping your humour during this process seems a pretty darn good superpower to me in all seriousness.

    Man hugs.

  5. Dawn Lee

    Yay!! That’s brilliant news Tim! You are definitely a super hero and as for your powers it’s all about the brows! You could do lots a great things with those bad boys – stop floods, clear snow off motorways, provide nesting for endangered birds, possibilities are endless Tim. Long may they grow (well longer) x

  6. Gail

    Superpower? Ability to act as an emergency clothes brush, perhaps! But promise me you won’t try to rush around solving too many clothing lint removal crises at first; pace yourself!

Your thoughts?