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Jan 08 2014

OK. Click OK to ok. OK.

OK. Click OK to ok. OK.

A screenshot of a dialogue box from the University of Leicester Blackboard virtual learning environment. It amused me far more than it ought to have done when I encountered it earlier on today.  

Apr 25 2013

Say what, Nick Clegg?

A massive round of applause from me for Nick Clegg and his vetoing of the “Snooper’s Charter” – alternatively known as the Communications Data Bill. But can anyone understand this paragraph in his email to Lib Dem members? There is always a careful balance to strike between security and individual liberty and I have always …

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Apr 18 2013

Say what, Aviva?

I’ve recently received a letter from Aviva about an endowment policy which is due to mature at the end of this month. It’s performed appallingly over the 20 years that I’ve held it and because of their seeming inability to acknowledge this honestly and openly,  I won’t ever buy another product from them again if …

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Jun 04 2012

Citi – late to the party?

This morning, I read the Daily Telegraph for the first time in ages. I’d spent the previous evening away from home at a late birthday / graduation treat, courtesy of my wife. Incidentally, if anyone fancies a gastronomic evening away from it all in the heart of Derbyshire, you could do much, much worse than …

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Aug 23 2010

There are more questions than answers (#2)

Earlier on this year, I had a quick trawl through the search terms people had used to find this blog and published a number of the more unusual ones (with a number of tongue-firmly-in-cheek comments and answers.) As I’m off work at the moment, I thought I’d have another quick look – and I haven’t …

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Apr 02 2010

There are more questions than answers

This morning, I’ve had a quick look through the statistics that are provided by 123-reg, the company I’ve used to host my blog since October of last year. One of the reasons I moved from a free blog to a self-hosted environment was to be able to have a little more control over …

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Dec 24 2009

When is a change not a change?

When it’s to do with Open University cut off times for TMAs. There has been a well publicised change to TMA cut off times in the works for some time now from 12 midnight to 12 noon. Clear so far. However, the following message has been posted to StudentHome this morning (my italics): Reminder – …

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