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Sep 12 2012

One way of saying thank you

After I’d cross-posted my last blog entry onto the B07 Facebook group, some one asked me if I was still using the notes I’ve published here to help support a charity. Back in 2010 I asked readers of this blog to think about contributing to the HOPEHIV charity – and we jointly managed to raise …

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Mar 03 2012

The TMA song

Just brilliant! As a former DD307 student, I empathise completely. Particularly with the bit where Surf Teddy is hiding under his textbook. Oh, and his inability to spell Phenonominololology too (Hat tip to Dan at History of the OU for alerting me to its existence and thank you to Eddie at the finance academy for …

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Jan 16 2012

Arsene Wenger and the fundamental attribution error

I’m not what you’d call a football fan. Yes, I always listen out for Derby’s result and occasionally listen to Radio Derby’s commentary, though it really hasn’t been the same since Graham Richards retired. But I’ve probably been to fewer than 10 professional games in my entire life. One of the reasons for my disenchantment …

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Dec 06 2011

First Class!

It’s been quite a day! I’d woken up at around 6.30 this morning and the first thing I did (after giving Jane a kiss, of course!) was to check my StudentHome page. iPads are wonderful for furtive internet browsing in bed while still half asleep. No change. So I’d started to get up to go …

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Oct 13 2011

Glad it’s all over!

That’s it – all done! Bye bye DD307 and good riddance! I think I managed to pull together two decent answers on attitudes and bystander intervention, complemented by an iffy one on prejudice and conflict. Provided I’ve managed to score more than 55% on the examinable component (and I already had a nice head-start from …

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Oct 12 2011

For those about to rock …

We can handle it all

Well, for those of us about to take the Open University Critical Social Psychology exam tomorrow. An image to instill a bit of confidence: All the best to everyone for tomorrow afternoon – it’s been great being part of the course with you all this year.

Oct 11 2011

My hand hurts

I’ve been trying to write practice essays and essay plans over the last couple of days. Conclusion: I probably know more than enough to get through the DD307 exam on Thursday, but it’s going to be a struggle writing it down on paper! Take this afternoon for example. I managed to write around 800-900 words …

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Oct 10 2011

Attitudes and attributions

It’s funny how certain topics tend to stick in your mind and others don’t. I’ve spent most of today so far revising the attitudes and attributions chapters. With attitudes, I now feel absolutely confident that I can tackle any of the previous questions, so if something similar comes up on Thursday I should be fine. …

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Oct 09 2011

Existential football – a.k.a. the production of knowledge revisited

Today’s revision efforts have been focussed on production of knowledge. Of all of the blocks in the module, this has been my favourite. I enjoyed writing the final TMA on individual differences (and really enjoyed the mark that I got for it) and both of the two probable exam chapters are fascinating as well. If …

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