Chemotherapy cycle 5 postponed

The tiredness I felt after cycle 4 turned into shortness of breath a few days later.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time – after all, I still felt pretty well compared to the horrors of cycle 3 and was eating and drinking normally. Rather more than normally most of the time …

I therefore spent most of the middle week after cycle 4 either in bed or lounging around on the sofa. One day it took me nearly 3 hours to mow the lawn – and four or five ‘sessions’ during that time to complete it. Normally it takes me 20 minutes at most.

But by last weekend I felt pretty good again. I even managed a Bank Holiday Monday (and 30th Wedding Anniversary) outing to Hardwick Hall.

Hardwick Hall

Alliums in the Hardwick Hall gardens, 28th May 2018.

Tuesday’s blood tests indicated that I had probably been very anaemic in the days after cycle 4 – and still was. “My lowest ever results”, my consultant exclaimed. It was only my bouncy demeanor that persuaded her that my red cell count was probably on the way back. I therefore avoided the need for a blood transfusion. However, the G-CSF injections I’d had after cycle 4 had failed to bring my white cell count up, so I was given another four to self-administer this week.

All this means that cycle 5, which should have happened on Wednesday, has been postponed for a week. I’m feeling as well as I have done all the way through the process, so I’m not too disheartened.