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OK. I confess I lost most of my interest in this year’s strictly come dancing when Cherie Lunghi was voted off. Particularly when I realised that Danni Minogue was one of the judges on the X-Factor on ITV. To understand the importance of this, you have to understand the “intellectual conversations” board at work. It’s currently like this:

  • Favourite motorway – M69 or M40?  (in my opinion this has to be the M69 – a motorway so empty because it runs from nowheresville – Leicester – to no-onewantstogothereville – Coventry)
  • Which Minogue – Kylie or Danni? (Danni – obviously)
  • Strictly come dancing or X Factor? (Strictly come dancing – but only while Cherie was still in it, then X Factor, because Danni is a judge)

So, I only saw the strictly results show last night. Surely anyone with the tiniest brain could have worked out that under the scoring system, there was no hope of Tom avoiding the dance-off? It took me about 5 seconds! I mean, it isn’t exactly A level maths that’s required (or GCSE maths, for that matter).

What’s more frightening than the supposed BBC (delete as applicable: cock-up/conspiracy/muppets) is the outcry on the forums and in the gutter press – here, for example, or here. TV pundit Charlie Brooker recently said “… thousands of joyless cry babies have learnt to treat the whole of TV as a reality show in which they can vote off the things they don’t like, by complaining to Ofcom, whether they saw the offending broadcast or not”. Come on people – grow up – and recognise Saturday night television for what it is. Entertainment – just entertainment. And spend your time and effort in making a difference to things that do matter this Christmas.

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