ED209 Week 1 – Finished

Not a great week for study – it’s taken me nearly two weeks to do the first week! Still, I am still ahead of the game as the official start date isn’t until 7th February. My target is to get the first TMA drafted before then, so it’s still looking ok. I’ve also managed to create my own notes as well – they’ll get rehashed again come revision time in September.

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  1. Arnold

    Wow. I’m am thoroughly impressed by your notes so far. Absolutely no way would I have the time to do anything along those lines!

    Just getting going on ED209 myself and I’m hoping to run about a month ahead of the official schedule which is a nice amount of lead-time I think. I tried 6 weeks ahead on one course a few years back and it got way too confusing for me with going to tutorials covering the TMA I’d done over a month earlier. Also not appreciated by the tutor when a small group of us handed in the first TMA at the first tutorial!

    So far I’m finding it not too difficult or time consuming, although ’tis very early days obviously.

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