ED209 – Week 7 – Yuk!

Please, please please … say that the chapter on ‘origins of development’ in book 1 is the last one like it on the course. It’s probably the most mind-numbingly dull part of an OU course text I’ve ever read. My notes probably reflect my impatience with it as well. I thought I understood most of this stuff before I started reading it and I’m now no longer sure that I do. Tedious, dry, boring. But mostly tedious.

Still, next week looks more interesting. I couldn’t resist skipping forwards a bit, particularly when the course forums were all a-buzz with talk of the ‘naughty’ word on page 271.

The remainder of this week will consist of a few more tweaks to TMA 1 and setting up various reminders to make sure I remember to submit it before the cut-off date on March 13th.

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