TMA01 – Submitted!

Having finished off a draft of my first TMA a couple of weeks ago, it’s only been this evening that I’ve felt happy enough (strong enough?) to pick it up and make a few final revisions. I’m particularly pleased that I’ve changed one paragraph in the essay that just seemed to hang there, without it being connected into the rest of the argument I was trying to make. Having tried to get it right a couple of weeks ago and failing dismally, I think I managed to achieve the effect I wanted in about 20 minutes this evening! The tip that tutors give you about writing an essay, putting it aside for a few days, reviewing it and then submitting it seems to work well for me.

I still struggle with essays, partly I think because what’s needed for PR and journalistic purposes in some aspects of what I do at work is very different. In that case, what’s needed are a number of paragraphs that can stand alone from each other, so that a journalist can choose what to use/ what not to use in their articles. However, at least I have the assistance of an excellent agency at work; no-one has that luxury when writing essays on OU courses!

Differently to DSE212 (at least when I took it in 2007) is that all of the assignments are submitted using the OU’s eTMA system. Which, theoretically at any rate, would have given me until 23:59:59 on the 13th to send my essay in, rather than having to allow a couple of days for the Royal Mail to jump up and down on the envelope, bend it, and send it by Aberdeen and Penzance before arriving at my tutor’s house before the deadline. Well, I never did lose a TMA in the post, but a few people I met at summer school last year had had that kind of experience. But what eTMA does introduce to the process is the uncontrollable urge to log in to the OU website 27 times a day to see if your tutor has marked it. Technology is great at helping me find new ways of wasting my time …

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  1. Arnold

    I definitely like the eTMA approach but I reckon that they need to reconsider the Friday deadlines for ED209. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who wouldn’t have minded a weekend to look over it.

    Still, onwards and upwards. TMA2 looks a doddle in comparison.

    Oh, one suggestion on your studies… for the first time on OU courses I’ve a selection of tutorials to choose from. Anyway, I found it very useful re the TMA to go to my own tutors tutorial on the topic plus one from another tutor. Recommended if you have the chance.

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