I’ve just had my marked ED209 TMA02 assignment back from my tutor. The email telling me it was ready to collect off the eTMA system arrived while I was at work, so I apologise now to my work colleagues who sit near me for the expletive I uttered when I saw my mark.

This time, I’ve been manfully personfully(*) resisting, albeit not very successfully, my impulse to check the eTMA system 73 times a day to see if my tutor had marked it. If you do OU courses, you’ll know exactly what I mean. I’m sure there’s some psychological disorder associated with this habit; if not, I’m going to claim it for myself and do research into it when I’m doing my PhD … (I can dream, can’t I?)

Having had my worst ever TMA result for the first assignment (but admittedly only by 1 mark), I was delighted (understatement of the week) to get the best ever result I’ve had for this one, and by some margin too. I’m still pinching myself now, because as I’ve written previously, I did everything in my power to avoid working on it. If procrastination really is this effective, then perhaps the moral of the tale is that I should wait right until the very last moment before doing any work at all on TMA03. Or not.

So, I’m happy this evening and given the current pressures I have elsewhere at the moment, it’s been nice to think about this on and off during the day when things have been tougher than they usually are.

Consistency. Who needs it?

(*) I’ve just been re-reading the section of the course on essay writing and using non-sexist language. Must try harder.

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