ED209 – TMA03

After a couple of false starts, this assignment feels like its starting to flow a bit more easily now. I managed to finish off an almost complete draft yesterday evening and I spent some time reviewing it on my train journey to and from London today. This evening, I’ve re-written the introduction, tweaked a couple of the main arguments I’m using (I must try to find ways of stopping saying ‘also’ every other sentence …) and written a fairly perfunctory conclusion that requires a little more work. I guess I would really be very happy about it if I weren’t so far (for me) under the maximum word count of 2,000 at this stage. I’m currently around the 1,700 words mark at the moment.

In theory this is absolutely perfect – you have to write between 1,500 and 2,000 words. However, I haven’t yet been through it and pruned all my superfluous also’s, however’s, but’s and so on (which normally saves me a 100 or so words!). It feels like I’m a vital piece of the essay short.

I think I need to go back to the books and my notes over the next couple of evenings to really make sure I’m ok – otherwise, this really is a first. Nothing ever leaves me speechless (I’m sure many of my work colleagues wish some things would …), but this essay is doing!

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  1. Violetta

    Hi Tim,

    Very grateful for your notes. I’m starting TMA03 on ED209 and I absolutely dread it! Any pointers there?

    HopeHIV is such a worthwhile cause! I truly admire your efforts and your altruism. Keep it going just in case it rubs off on others…:-)


  2. tim

    Hi Violetta,

    Thanks for the comment. I can’t actually remember what last year’s TMA03 was about (other than it was an essay) so it’s a bit difficult to give any specific pointers – particularly if (as is likely) the essays are different this year anyway!

    I always seem to end up writing 5 or 6 drafts of each essay before I’m happy. I quite often work from the middle outwards – but with a firm idea of the argument I’m going to be making (for, against, both sides have merit etc.) Then I write the introduction – and re-write the middle again to make it match up. The last thing I write is the conclusion – which is just a summary of the main points of the essay and why they support the argument I’m making.

    Hope that helps a bit. There’s lots of good advice on assignments in general at http://www.open.ac.uk/skillsforstudy/assignments.php


  3. brigid

    well tim wish i had found your site sooner i have fallen way behind in my studies and as a result i am not getting great results from my tma’s so i have decided to interrupt my studies and return next year your notes will be a great asset.

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