ED209 – Week 15

This week’s topic has been on how national identity develops in children and young people. Given the lack of TMAs on the ‘identity’ sections of book 2, I suspect it’s probably going to mean that there will be a question on the exam paper tying one or more of these chapters together, so I’m trying to make sure I’ve understood the ‘identity’ theme well.

It’s a well written chapter, that suggests that neither the cognitive-developmental and social identity theory explanations by themselves are backed up by the available evidence. For a theory to be considered adequate in this area, this chapter argues it needs to be able to cope with the variabilities in national identity development found within and between countries, but stops short of suggesting that such a theory exists. Intriguing.

I’ve just about finished TMA03 as well – a bit of re-reading and re-editing tomorrow should see it done, but I can’t help feel that it’s not the best essay I’ve ever written. Still, I wasn’t that convinced that my effort at TMA02 was good enough – and I still got my best ever marks for it!

Tonight is Eurovision party night – with the ‘winners’ of our sweepstake getting to keep this lovely candle for the next year as a trophy.

Lovely Eurovision Candle
Lovely Eurovision Candle

I just hope I draw the UK’s entry – because much as I’d like us to do well, I don’t think we will, and, unlike last year, I don’t think we deserve to do well either. It’s a truly dreadful dirge that is not worthy of the singer who will be performing it, sadly.

But that’s just my opinion – you’d never get me to go and watch a Lloyd-Webber musical of any description. Sondheim is much more to my taste.

Update 7.45pm: I’ve drawn France, Bosnia, Denmark and … the UK in our sweepstake – wish me (bad) luck …

Update midnight: Yes!!!!!!! The candle goes back to the Gregory’s for another year! Well done Norway, and well done to Jade as well. Was it just us, or did anyone else notice that one of the violinists appeared to almost knock her flying at one stage?

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