Deeply sad

I’ve just been reading the chapter on young consumers for ED209 and came across a piece of research, cited in the text, that is almost certainly factually inaccurate. The chapter cites a piece of work by Garratt, quoted in Usher from 1997. I suspect from the fundamental error in the text that neither were very old in 1975, or alternatively were banned from watching ITV due to its suspect content during children’s programmes – you wouldn’t have found something that racy on the BBC, that’s for sure. This is what the book says:

What I do remember are the bus rides, running home from school together to get to someone’s house to watch Shang-a-Lang[the title of a Bay City Roller pop song] on TV, …

Now, while Shang-a-Lang certainly was a Bay City Roller’s song, it’s far more likely that the person being interviewed by Garratt was going home to watch the TV show of the same name.

Of course, this error has absolutely no impact on the point the original author was making nor on the point that the chapter in the textbook is trying to make. I just wanted to set the record straight, that’s all.

And no, I most definitely never was and never will be a fan of the Bay City Rollers. Credit me with some taste, please.

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