ED209 – Week 18

Tonight, I was looking forward to having a play with the neural networks software – but the DVD drive on my computer has stopped working! Apparently my wife noticed this a few days ago but failed to mention it. Sigh. Still, it does mean I can nip down to Maplins or PC World or Staples and have a look at some new toys.

I mention Staples, as although both of the other places have lots more fun gadgets to play with (and there’s only so much excitement I can get – no, anyone can get from chairs and desks and filing cabinets), the last couple of times I’ve bought something for the PC it’s been from Staples as they’ve been the cheapest and the friendliest too.

The reading on ED209 was pretty interesting this week and the style of the book seems (so far) to be in marked contrast from the first two. Suddenly, I feel as if I’m back on a psychology course, rather than something primarily aimed at educators and people who want to work with children (I’m neither).

I suppose I relate more easily to the cognitive aspects of psychology as its far closer in concept to computing and the way we sometimes talk about software systems. I remember on DSE212 a couple of years ago getting terribly excited by one of the models of consciousness and comparing it to the way enterprise service buses work.

Anyway, my¬† notes for the first chapter of book 3 are here. Now, let’s see if I can fix that wretched DVD drive …

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Reader Comments

  1. The wife

    I explained that I didn’t know it was broken ‘cos the DVD I tried to play on it had taken a while to play properly before and I only have to mention how long it normally takes you to do anything…paving slabs…need I say more!! lol

  2. arnie7

    Isn’t it amazing how all the stuff we did as computer science students on neural networks donkeys ago comes flowing back? I do find though that the way the neural network book is written is a lot less clear than I’d have wished for if it was the first time that I was coming across the topic.

    Do watch blaming the wife on the blog… whilst one is writing for “the world” in one’s blog it’s darned disturbing to find the OH reading some of the stuff and quoting it back to you, isn’t it? Been similarly caught out once or twice myself that way.

  3. Laura Bunkle

    As someone who is ‘primarily’ an educator rest assured the psychologists have the better deal on the majority of the course! The use of the word ‘play’ and ‘neural networks’ have no place next to each other in my world!

    Have fun choosing a new computer, I may be joining you in Staples soon as I think my laptop is on it’s last legs.


  4. timholyoake

    I had no idea this post was going to be quite so controversial!

    To ‘the wife’: – sorry dear, I’ll fix the computer soon, honest. The slabs did only take me two years to sort out, after all …

    To Arnold: – good point, I’ll be much more careful in future!

    To Laura: – I promise not to use the words ‘play’ and ‘neural networks’ together again!

  5. Laura Bunkle

    Ok thanks Tim! By the way you can assure your wife she isn’t alone I am STILL waiting for my husband to fix our paving slabs, about three years I think.

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