TMA05 – it’s the thinking that takes the time … I think!

Yesterday, following on from my tutorial on Saturday morning, I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how to approach TMA05 and not really making very much progress in getting it written. It’s definitely going to be option 2, I do know how I want to write the essay and the content I want to put into it, but it’s getting down to the actual writing of it that’s the problem at the moment. Every time I start to commit my initial thoughts into words, I seem to have to go through yet more rounds of thinking before I can write the next few hundred words.

Looking back at my previous essays on this course and on DSE212, I seem to write around 5 or 6 drafts before I make final tweaks and decide to send it in. I resolve every time to write just a couple of drafts – and every time I fail!

I’ve noticed this at work too. Any documents I produce (particularly if they’re for a client) seem to go through the same process. I spend ages thinking about what should be in them, make a couple of tentative starts, think through it all again and then finally, after a few attempts get something I’m happy with.

Maybe I really do have a problem with procrastination – but then again, it can’t be so bad as I do manage to get things finished on time, most of the time. But I can’t help wonder how effective I might be if I didn’t have to go through this ritual every time I try to write something. Or is it the ritual that makes me effective in the first place?

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  1. Angela Smith

    Hi Tim, Did you get any handouts or good tips for option 2 TMA05. Our tutor has decided this TMA is not important enough to warrant a tutorial. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jane

    Thanks for putting into words what you’ve just described. I was thinking “Is it me?” – it takes me ages to write an essay because of that process. And I’m like it at work. I would love to be able to put pen to paper straight away and write what’s needed in one fell swoop. I thought I would be able to develop the one fell swoop technique during this course but sadly no.

  3. Banana

    Hi Tim,

    You are a star! Your notes are invaluable! I am thinking of doing DSE212 next, which means no break as it starts in October!!! I noticed you did it… do you by any chance any fab notes on it??? Please say yes… and how can I get hole of them!???


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