ED209 TMA06 – all done

I finally got around to finishing the final ED209 TMA today. Yesterday, when I thought I’d finished, I had a report of 2,365 words. It’s now 1,999 1,995 words – 1 5 words under the limit!

Rather than lose whole chunks of effort in an edit, I decided instead to have a go at working through it to see if I could prune 365 words without changing the content of what I was saying. I think I’ve succeeded, but possibly at the cost of readability.

Still, it is the last one and to misuse Winnicott’s concept of ‘good enough’ parenting, I’ve decided this TMA is probably ‘good enough’. One more read through later on with a glass of wine to make sure I’ve not left anything silly in (or missed anything silly out, like a reference) and its gone.

I’m going to be away at the start of this week for work, so book 4 and the associated readings for the ‘Children and the legal system’ chapter will be coming with me. I can’t say I’m really looking forward to having to prepare a seen examination question on it. I think I’d rather just get on with revising the rest of the course. But, it will certainly be a different experience to what I’ve had to do for exams before. Onwards and upwards …

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  1. FellowED209Student

    well done! Loved the link to Winnicott’s theory – i felt the same about mine (got fed up with trying to perfect it and decided it had to go). At our tutorial on Sun our tutor told us that those who had already submitted would get theirs back at one minute past midnight next Saturday! cant wait 🙂

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