ED209 revision priorities

Now that the excitement of TMA06 is out of the way, as well as working out what research to use for the seen question I need to figure out my revision priorities. I have to answer two questions in addition to the seen question, but those two questions must come from different sections on the paper – i.e. from different course books.

To make a start on this, I bought the past papers for ED209 from the shop on the OUSA website. As the course format changed in 2006, this means that there are only 6 actual papers to look at and it appears that the April 2009 paper isn’t available (why?)* – so that makes it 5 to examine. Combining this ‘intelligence’ with what’s been tested in the TMAs this year should give a reasonable idea of chapters to prioritise for in-depth revision. Well, that’s my plan anyway. YMMV, as they say in the USA.

So on the basis of this analysis, I’ve decided to prioritise Book 3 chapters 5 and 6 along with book 2 chapters 5,6 and 7, on the basis that some kind of identity question has always come up and either a question on executive functions or theory of mind has too. That should give me the two questions I need.

Next in priority order are book 3 chapter 8 and book 1 chapter 3 – on the grounds that neither were covered in TMAs and neither have had exam questions set so far.

Bringing up the rear will be book 1 chapters 4 and 5, followed by book 1 chapters 6 and 7.

The rest I’ll either ignore or skim read a few days before the exam, just in case there are ideas in them that link into the chapters I revise in depth.

Good luck to everyone else who’s managed to stay with the course so far – just 38 days left and a glass or seven of wine will be mine …

Update 14-09-2009: * According to a message on the ED209 closed course forums, the April 2009 paper isn’t going to be made available for academic reasons.

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