ED209 – 4 days to go

I’ve spent quite a lot of today revising. That is, apart from a couple of hours fighting through the crowds at Asda (someone please remind me never to go there on a Saturday again) and subsequently using the bucket and sponge and the other lovely cleaning materials I purchased to give Huffty a wash. Compared to all of the other cars I’ve owned, she’s definitely high maintenance. But she’s lovely. <contractual obligation>Just like But not as lovely as all of the other beautiful women in my life</contractual obligation>.

Anyway, I’ve re-written the plan for my seen essay again today and I seem to be able to remember it and regurgitate it at will. That just leaves trying to remember stuff from enough chapters to give myself a fighting chance at two other questions. I’d thought executive function and theory of mind were already bankers; but it’s been obvious this afternoon that I’m not quite there yet. More effort needed on Tuesday when I’ve taken the day off work to revise some more.

Tomorrow the plan is to drink beer and watch the grand prix concentrate on my selected chapters from books 1 and 2. On Monday I have to spend the day in Bracknell, so I really only have a couple of days remaning to finish cramming ED209 into my brain.

Wednesday afternoon is beginning to loom large on the horizon.

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