Last chance to register on the OU D15 diploma in psychology

One of the reasons I decided to start studying psychology with the OU in 2007 was the availability of the D15 diploma. For people who already had a degree in another subject, the availability of D15 meant that I could take just the courses needed for BPS graduate recognition – saving both time and money – and at the same time avoiding the biological psychology 30 point course that forms part of the degree but not the diploma. Essential for me, as I hate looking at ‘yukky diagrams of the brain‘.

There’s been talk on the OU forums for some time about the demise of D15. Someone noticed towards the end of last year that the agreement between the OU and BPS about it being suitable for BPS recognition had expired and there’s been occasional chatter about it ever since.

However – it’s now official – D15 is only available until 31st December 2013 and is no longer open to new students.

What this means is that students, like me, who registered onto the diploma have until the end of 2013 to complete the courses necessary to claim it. This shouldn’t be a problem for me, as I’m aiming to do the last course I need next year.

You can still register on the diploma up to 31st July if you haven’t done so already, provided you’re in the process of taking one of the courses it either has as a pre-requisite (DSE212 and DXR222/DZX222) or that make up the diploma itself (ED209, DD303, DD307.) And that’s what’s really crucial here – if you think you may want to claim the diploma, you must register separately for it – and before 31st July 2010. Simply taking the constituent courses isn’t enough to qualify for it. It also doesn’t stop you changing your mind later if you decide to carry on and go for the degree instead.

If you don’t register soon and you’re looking at this route of gaining BPS graduate recognition, it means that only the degree will be good enough. Another 105 points worth of study including that ‘yukky biological psychology course’.

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