OU D15 psychology diploma – an update

I’ve received an email from the OU this evening with some more information on the reasons for the pending withdrawal of the diploma. They say:

The Diploma in Psychology has been affected by the government’s
‘equivalent or lower qualification’ (ELQ) policy, which means
that the government does not award funds for students studying
for a Diploma if they already have a degree. In spite of the OU’s
vigorous campaign opposing this policy, it is now coming into effect.
The detrimental financial consequences of the policy together with
the fact that, in recent years, declining numbers of students have
opted for this path to the GBC, means the Diploma in Psychology
is no longer financially viable for the OU.

There is, of course, an election coming up. I know of at least one set of questions I’ll be asking any candidates that happen to knock at my door.

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  1. Arnold

    The worrying thing about this isn’t so much that a single diploma is biting the dust but that similar things are happening right across all faculties in the OU. If you pop into the “proper” science forums everyone seems to be seriously speeding up their degrees because all named science degrees are being abandoned in 2013. The classics department which just a few years ago seemed to be set for a major ramping up of its activities and yet not seems to be cutting back drastically.

    I’m sure there are other examples out there that I’ve not seen or which just haven’t been announced.

    It’s happening all over England too with, for example, lots of adult education departments being closed down. So far Northern Ireland and Scotland (not sure about Wales) are exempt but how long can that continue?

    This ELQ thing has definitely had a very detrimental effect for education everywhere.

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