DD303 – TMA02

I’ve started to have a look at TMA02 in the last couple of days. Now that the DD303 experimental participation website (EPW) is up and running properly (never be an early adopter of anything!), the first task was to download the lexprime1.es file (as my birthday is an odd number), run it through E-Prime and upload the results. I’ve also written a note in BIG RED LETTERS on my draft report to remind me to make sure I include the results file with the TMA submission, as a small percentage of the marks for this assignment are gained for merely for remembering to provide a copy of your own results file!

I’ve spent tonight thinking about the actual experiment and the write-up and started to plan out an introduction including the hypotheses. I’ve also tried to draw myself a sketch of what the results graph might look like, but of course it won’t be possible to know what it really looks like until the merged datasets are available for download in a couple of weeks from now. So for the time being it’s now back to making notes on chapter 6 for me.

My TMA01 results are now back too, and I’m very happy with the result. Well, more than very happy as it’s my second highest mark ever on an OU TMA. This is in stark contrast to my first TMA for ED209, which remains the lowest mark I’ve ever been given. And the overall course grade for ED209 turned out more than all right in the end anyway.

I know I shouldn’t have, but I’ve now got this nagging little voice in the back of my head telling me the only way is down from here …

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Reader Comments

  1. Kanon

    Ehy there… I was wondering something for the EPrime experiment. Initially the tutor told us it was all-or-nothing score, but then I got something less than full mark despite including few enhancements as well…


    • timholyoake

      I’d be surprised if the marking was ‘all or nothing’. There’s certainly plenty of minor errors you could make in putting the program together (e.g. getting a response code wrong in the data – like the course team have in the ‘lexprime’ programs for TMA02!) Such errors wouldn’t greatly affect the overall running of the program, but is one way I can think of to enable tutors to differentiate. Spelling errors on the instruction screen or less than clear instructions are another point of potential differentiation too.

      Good luck with TMA02 …


  2. Andromache


    Really liked your blog on DD303- hope you are getting on well with TMA02. Any thoughts on keeping down the word count for the method section??? Mine is monstrously long. Trying to find the balance between making it replicable and roughly around the rather mean 370 word suggestion is proving really difficult.

    • tim

      Hi there,

      I’ve only got bits of TMA02 so far – so I haven’t thought about the word count yet. Trying not to think about it too much at the moment as I’m on holiday this week.

      Thanks for the kind comments – and all the best for the rest of the course.


  3. Dan

    Hi Tim!
    I don’t know if you will remember this as you have done the course a few years ago! but do you think that we have to include information from the perception chapter for TMA02 or is it only based on the journal articles?
    I find that the module materials do not give enough guidance and tutors don’t give sufficient support unfortunately!


    • tim

      It may well have changed since I did DD303, so I’d encourage you to seek out help from the course forums, but I used whatever material was necessary to answer the question well! That included material from the main course book, the methods book (I’m not sure if that still exists) and the provided journal article(s). The trick is to be selective and make sure that everything you do use helps you to make a point that relates to the specific question set.

  4. Saba Rela

    Hi! Thanks for your blog, I love reading it at TMA time, I like to think of it as productive procrastination.
    I related especially to this post as I’ve done exactly the same as you, and gone and got my second highest ever OU mark on TMA01 (one mark different to yours), and my tutor actually jokingly said ‘hope it isn’t downhill from here’. Have set myself an impossibly hard standard to live up to!

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