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This morning, I’ve had a quick look through the statistics that are provided by 123-reg, the company I’ve used to host my blog since October of last year. One of the reasons I moved from a free blog to a self-hosted environment was to be able to have a little more control over what I could do. One benefit of self hosting is the improved statistical information you can gather.

For example, I now know that I get more visits to the site from people using Internet Explorer than Firefox (3,642 vs 2,908 since last October), but that people using Firefox tend to view more of the content that’s hosted here (43,232 page views from Firefox vs 22,466 from Internet Explorer).

I’ve no idea why that should be (or even how knowing it enriches my life!), but it seems like an interesting piece of trivia that otherwise I’d have had no way of knowing about.

One of the more interesting data sets that gets reported are the search terms people use to arrive here in the first place. Most of them are fairly predictable (keywords like DD303, ED209, CITP all figure high in the rankings), but some of the questions that people are asking their search engines are slightly unusual and in some cases, unanswerable.

Here are some questions that have been asked in the last six months that have entertained me and I’m going to try to answer.

Q: How much is a 10 pence piece with teal on both sides?

A: 10 pence, perhaps? There is a reason for the name I chose for my blog and I will get around to explaining it at some point in the future.

Q: Open university d15 conversion course can it be done part-time in one year?

A: It would normally mean taking a minimum of DSE212, DXR222, ED209, DD303 and DD307 simultaneously, and that would hardly be part-time (60+ hours a week going on the course guidance plus two one week residential schools for DXR222 and DD303). I’d say not – but if anyone knows better …

Q: When did the new 10 pence piece come out?

A: We’re back on money again I see. I suppose the answer depends on what you mean by ‘new’. They were first issued in 1968, prior to decimalisation in 1971. The new smaller sized coins were introduced in 1992, with the older, larger coins being withdrawn in 1993. A new design for the coin appeared in 2008. Does that help?

Q: When and why was the Sun sold for 10 pence?

A: I’m genuinely intrigued by this one. I wonder if the person asking meant the sun which is currently absent in skies over Derby (predictable, as it’s a Bank Holiday today), or “The Sun”, the newspaper. Try asking News International, perhaps?

Q: What’s a good assignment mark with the Open University?

A: Define good? It depends, I suppose. Anything over 40% is a pass; anything over 85% is a distinction.

Q: How have children’s attitudes changed over time?

A: Anyone?

Q: Black 1 pence piece how much would I get?

A: Ah. This is an easy one. One penny. Have you tried dipping it in tomato sauce to clean it?

Q: What do you call a mushroom that parties?

A: A fungi – geddit?!?

Q: How is consumption used to construct goths identity?

A: I knew I should have paid more attention to the identity chapters in ED209. Goths have an identity, do they?

Q: What is a Huffty?

A: It’s the name of my car.

Q: Is anyone doing tma2 option 2 for ou?

A: I’m sure someone is.

Q: How do you make 8 ten pence pieces into 2 rows of 5?

A: I’d like to know the answer to this one myself! Anyone?

Q: What can I get for 10 pence?

A: Anything that costs 10 pence or less, perhaps?

Q: Need a white suit?

A: No, but I’d quite like one.

Q: When are you going to stop procrastinating?

A: Now. Time for me to get back to TMA02 and chapter 7 …

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  1. Limes Wright

    Hi Tim,

    Gosh I’ve had a chuckle at some of those! Hope you’re enjoying the Easter break and cracking (ho ho) on with your studies.

    As you may be able to tell, I’m continuing to do what I do best, procrastinating, by reading your blog.


    • timholyoake

      Hi Limes,

      They’re just the printable examples too! Have a good Easter – at least the six or so hours that remain, anyway 🙁


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