Robin Hood – what was that accent all about then?

I went with my better half to see Robin Hood last night. Well, it was Orange Wednesday, after all.

It’s soooo much better than Iron Man 2 (though frankly, that bar is pretty low.) And playing “spot the accent” with Russell Crowe is great fun. There’s definitely the odd twinge of Irish in there, as Mark Lawson was taken to task over by the great man himself, but there’s definite passages of Geordie, Yorkshire and Liverpudlian too. Just about the only one he doesn’t manage to include is proper “Ey up mi duck” East Midlands. Which is where Robin Hood is supposed to come from, of course.

Still, it’s highly unlikely that the accent of a 12th century East Midlander would bear very much resemblance to today’s speech. So his linguistic tour of the UK is strangely appropriate, somehow.

Cate Blanchett is particularly wonderful as Lady Marion and I still can’t get over how much the actor playing King Philip of France looks like chef Marco Pierre White.

It’s a great romp and if you think that the French are to blame for everything, you’ll definitely enjoy it. Even if you don’t, I’m sure you will too.

8/10 – a great way to pass a dull Wednesday evening in Derby.

Your thoughts?