DD303 TMA03 – the perils of protected Word documents

It took a lot longer to finish the project proposal form than I thought it was going to do this time last week. In fact, I’ve only just finished tweaking it. Even now I’ve still got a couple of things I want to add (a table of the experimental conditions and a figure showing the interaction I’m expecting) which I can’t appear to do. The reason for this is that the project proposal form is a password protected document that doesn’t seem to want to accept me either cutting and pasting tables or images into it. Grrr. I understand why the OU need the proposals in a standard format, but I can’t even appear to add these vital pieces of information to the end of the form.

Zipping them with the proposal form in a separate document won’t work either – as we’ve been specifically asked to send the form through the eTMA system as a single document with a defined filename, so they can be made available electronically to the residential school team at the right location and time.

So, I’ve done what everyone else does – and I’ve asked the DD303 regional forum to see if anyone has any bright ideas on how achieve this.

Time for a quick coffee and then some more work on the connectionism chapter to round off the afternoon. Eurovision tonight – I can’t wait!

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