DD303 – into the final stretch

I’ve now returned from residential school at Bath (via a long detour to pick Emily up from Exeter) and have just had a look at the timetable for the rest of the course. Two TMAs left to do – one of which is the project report and then the exam. Assuming I get reasonable marks on TMA04 and TMA05 (the project report) I’m going to spend rather more time planning for the exam than I spend on TMA06. This means reading and taking notes on the three chapters in section 5 of the textbook that could be examined (15,16 and 17 this year) and skim reading 13 and 14 – with the sole aim of chosing one to do TMA06 from. There’s some additional reading that needs to be done for TMA06 as well, hence my strategy.

This is the first year I’ve been notionally behind schedule at this stage (about a week by my reckoning), though I’m hoping to claw most of it back over the next month even if it means taking the textbooks on holiday with me!

Residential school was a good experience; long days and one or two fairly alcoholic evenings. I’m still not quite sure how I managed to be persuaded to go along to the Thursday night disco (I still can’t dance), but at least I did manage to get to bed for a few hours afterwards. I probably looked worse than I felt on Friday, though I did feel pretty rough too. Mostly self-inflicted (sigh), but I’ve also had a cold this weekend which I’m still trying to get rid of. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, the poster below was the final output from the experiment run by my partner and I. We were pretty amazed with the results – two significant and one ‘almost’ significant at p=0.059.

T4 poster from Bath DD303 residential school
T4 project poster from DD303 residential school

But the best part of the summer school for me was meeting so many other DD303 students in real life, rather than through the FirstClass forums or through the pages of this blog. Here’s to a successful conclusion to the course for all of us.

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