DD303 TMA05 – the project report

I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been busy trying to finish off TMA05, which I’ve completed tonight (weighing in at 1,999 words – phew!) and trying to cope with the other non-OU things life keeps throwing my way. Consequently, I haven’t done much reading or note taking since I got back from the Bath residential school, but having now got the report out of the way I at least have a fighting chance of getting back on track over August.

I’m tempted simply to plough on into TMA06 and do the question on cognition and emotion as I have (a) read the chapter while sat on a ‘plane and (b) quite enjoyed reading it – but that may have been the free drinks. That way I could get all of the TMAs finished by the time I go on holiday later this month and it also means that the rest of my time between then and the exam in October can be devoted to the last 3 chapters and revision. That’s probably what I will do, but it all depends on how I’m feeling tomorrow, or rather, as it’s now past midnight, tonight.

I did get my result for TMA04 back earlier on – and even though I felt pretty rusty writing an essay again for the first time in about a year, I was given my best ever mark on a TMA essay question for it! So that also helps with the planning for TMA06 – it doesn’t have to be great for me to stay on track for the grade I’d like for DD303. In fact, spending more time on preparing for the exam is definitely the better strategy than worrying too much about TMA06.

So I’ve just convinced myself that ploughing on and getting TMA06 out of the way as soon as possible is the best strategy for me. Writing blog entries at this time of night does have its uses, you know.

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