DD303 – Week 32 in week 26 …

As the TMA06 essay is on either chapter 13 or 14 this year, I’ve decided that it just doesn’t seem sensible to write it in 6 weeks time as the course timetable suggests, so this week will be week 32 for me, instead of week 26.

Having initially flirted with the idea of writing my essay on chapter 13, I decided last night that option 2, on chapter 14 (Autobiographical memory and the working self) seemed to be the better choice as it was the one that involves the least thinking about ‘yukky diagrams of the brain‘ as I’ve called them in other blog entries.

It also seemed to me to be the option which is easier to start writing an essay on, even if it might not feel like the one that is easier to finish writing an essay on in a couple of days time. I’ve resolved to stop procrastinating and just get on with it for once.

Having said all that, my procrastination scheme this morning has been to spend some time looking at past exam papers to try to decide on my priority chapters for revision (I haven’t worked it out yet, but at least I’ve started thinking about it!) and I’m about to take my youngest daughter who is newly returned from Borneo ten pin bowling for her birthday (which happened while she was out there) as that’s our tradition. She claims she won’t need the bumpers up this year … I’m so going to win!!!

I’ve also tried to book myself on the OUPS revision weekend at Warwick University. I’m not sure if I’ve been successful as I sent an email to them (with a scanned copy of my application form) on Thursday evening and I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’d originally thought I wouldn’t be able to go as I was expecting to be on holiday then … but I’d got the dates wrong (D’oh). I really hope I get a place – as the final East Midlands OU day school has been re-arranged to the one weekend in September that I can’t go to it. And I feel I definitely need some additional impetus to make sure I get through the absolute mountain of revision that appears to be needed.

Time to write my essay go bowling!

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