DD303 – TMA06 progress

I’ve had quite a productive weekend on DD303 for once. I’ve managed to write nearly two-thirds of the essay for TMA06, having stuck with my plan to write on chapter 14 on autobiographical memory and the working self, and I’ve also read chapter 15 on Consciousness.

My intention is to make notes on chapters 15,16 and 17 by the end of the month, which may sound ambitious as I’m on holiday for part of it, but there’s only so much sitting around I can do. As for the rest of the family though, they seem to be happy enough not doing very much at all. So my books will be coming with me, as they did last year in Portugal on ED209 and two years before that in Italy when I was taking DSE212.

I found the chapter on consciousness a little disappointing if I’m honest, although relatively straightforward and nicely integrated with some of the earlier chapters on the course. I still remember with fondness the ‘thought experiments’ from the DSE212 chapter in 2007 (which I believe is no longer part of that course), even though I’d revised them inside-out and the chapter didn’t come up in the exam! Baar’s model of consciousness, for example, is only briefly covered in DD303 and because chapter 15 lacks a diagram explaining his concept of a global workspace, I’ve gone back to my DSE212 notes to see how it all worked. I remember comparing it at the time to an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – one of the software artefacts I spend my working days with.

It’s going to be a manic week at work, with most of it spent in Bracknell by the looks of it. Come Saturday, I really will be ready for my few days off.

I’ve had confirmation of my place on the DD303 revision weekend at Warwick University, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there. Just keep me away from the disco and the bars, please. I must remember to renew my Warwick Graduate’s Association card before I get there. It might just come in useful.

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