There are more questions than answers (#2)

Earlier on this year, I had a quick trawl through the search terms people had used to find this blog and published a number of the more unusual ones (with a number of tongue-firmly-in-cheek comments and answers.)

As I’m off work at the moment, I thought I’d have another quick look – and I haven’t been disappointed by the sheer creativity of things that get typed into search engines. Here are my favourites from the last few months.


A: Is your space bar not working? If you apply for BCS CITP, you will get access to a full sample test paper online which is useful, but you should also be looking through the syllabus for the test as well, to understand where you need to be doing some reading before you take the test. There are also five example questions provided by the BCS here, along with full details of how the test is assessed. You’re unlikely to find example or real questions for the test elsewhere online, as everyone who takes it has to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Q: BCS CITP why not ?

A: Yes, why not?

Q: i just finished revising and i forgot everything

A: Don’t panic. I’m sure you didn’t.

Q: dd303summerschoolbath10thJuly

A: Someone else with a broken spacebar? I went during w/c 17th July and had a great time – I hope you did too!

Q: TMA05ED209Childdevelopment

A: … and another?

Q: what do you do on roll a ten pence game?

A: Is the clue to the answer in the question?

Q: things to do with a 10 pence piece

A: Use them as money, perhaps?

Q: meaning of keep finding 10 pence pieces

A: Perhaps you have a hole in your pocket, and it’s the same 10 pence piece you keep finding? If not, I wouldn’t worry, free money is always nice to have.

Q: 10 pence wite chiken

A: Eh?

Q: Wickelgrentriplescheme

A: Time for me to stop this now, I think.

Your thoughts?