OUPS I did it again …

I apologise for giving this post such a terrible pun as a title, but I’m stuck for a couple of evenings in the luxury Bracknell Travelodge and it seems funny to me after a beer and probably the very worst cheeseburger I’ve eaten in, well, ever.

The food at the OUPS revision weekend at Warwick University was very much better (a constant topic of conversation being how much better it was than at the Bath University residential school) as was the company. It was great to bump into people from residential school, my tutor group and those I’d only ever communicated with online before. There were even two or three people who recognised me from this blog (*blushes*). As for a certain DD307 student, it was lovely to meet you, and I really don’t go in for rubber clothing. Of any kind!

Anyway, as I’m stuck in the wild party town that is Bracknell for the next couple of nights, I’m taking the opportunity to write up my handwritten notes from the chapters I took away on holiday with me (chapter15 on consciousness is here) and to finish tweaking TMA06. I’m also reflecting on what I’m going to revise for the exam (the consciousness chapter will be one of them), but I’ll post about that separately, probably tomorrow.

I don’t really have an axe to grind about Bracknell, it’s just that it’s not Derby and not home. What with holidays, the revision weekend and work, I don’t seem to have spent much time there recently.

Anyway, just to remind the family what I look like, this is me at the OUPS dinner and disco on Saturday night. I think the inappropriate wearing of yellow legwarmers suits me, don’t you? (Limes, thanks for the photo!)

Inappropriately dressed - Tim finds a new use for 80s fashion items ...

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  2. Maire Kilgallen

    Hi Tim , Glad to see you got home in one piece, It was great to meet you at the Weekend after using your brilliant notes for two years. I am trying to learn the fundamental attribution error chapter at the moment, Thanks for the notes. Do you know how we can get the group processes notes that we missed? Maire

    • tim

      Hi Maire,

      It was great to meet you too. I’m assuming that OUPS will be in touch with the revised handouts for the group processes session soon – at least, I hope they will! I’m just about to start on my first bit of group processes revision tonight, having done my initial foray into attitudes and attributions over the last couple of evenings, so it would be nice to have them!

      All the best for the exam, and I’ll be posting my group processes notes up here as I type them up from my scrawl over the next couple of evenings!


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