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The Kone at Warwick University
The Koan at Warwick University

Following on from the OUPS revision weekend at Warwick, I’ve spent some time thinking about what to revise for the exam. I’ve now completed all the chapter notes I intend making (chapter 16 on cognitive modelling is my last) and just have TMA06 left to tweak before sending it in … that will be Thursday evening’s task. It’s then revision all the way from then until October 18th!

So, as I have to answer one methods question from a choice of 3; 2 questions from a choice of 6 from the textbook parts 1-4 (excluding TMA chapters) and 1 question from textbook part 5 from a choice of 3 (excluding TMA chapters), this is my current list in priority order:

Connectionism – (methods book chapter 2) – this gives me my part I question

Cognitive modelling and cognitive architectures (chapter 16) – this will give me my part III question (and fits in well with my methods book choice)

Concepts (chapter 5) – as it looks like a good chance of giving me a question in part II and I enjoyed the chapter and found the OUPS revision material very useful

Attention (chapter 2), Perception (chapter 3) and Recognition (chapter 4) – which on previous form, should give me a further 2 questions to choose from for part II

If I have time, I’m also intending to revise chapter 15 on Consciousness (which will give me a back-up part III question and fits in well with the Attention chapter) and chapter 10 on Problem Solving (for another possible part II choice).

I’m aware I need to supplement the chapters with links to others (as appropriate) and some additional reading if I can.

It’s going to be a challenge, but it feels at this stage more manageable than ED209 did last year and also a little less risky – it seems to be easier to predict which chapters and what type of questions might come up.

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  1. Karen Armstrong

    Its nice to put a face to the name, I found the Warwick revision weekend useful to and have just cleared the deck ready for revision to start full steam ahead tomorrow. Although having looked at the past exam questions just its like…………… hmm what do I really know! I’m sure it will be OK on the day. Good Luck for your exam and maybe see you next year on DD307 overview and revision days.

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