DD303 TMA06 and more thoughts on revision

I’ve been finishing off TMA06 and attempting to get down to some revision this weekend, with a mixed amount of success as the rest of the household seems to be in chaos. I’ve also got the gloomy thought of having to drive down to Bracknell later on as yet again, I’m starting my working week there. As I’m leading a training course for the salespeople first thing in the morning, I’ve decided that the only way I can be awake enough to make it worth their while is to sacrifice my Sunday evening and drive down to the luxury Bracknell Travelodge tonight, rather than getting up at 5am to make sure I can get through the Monday morning traffic in time to get to the office for 8am ish.

At least my TMA06 effort now says that it’s at draft 6, so based on my usual form that’s probably good enough. I’ll leave it for a few days however before I submit it, just in case I get some further astounding insights on autobiographical memory and the ‘working self’ I feel I want to incorporate.

Revision is going less well. Having decided what it is I want to revise, I haven’t really made too much of a serious start, but I have been looking at the notes I’ve made as I’ve gone along through DD303. I’ve also downloaded a free copy of ARIS Express, with the intention that I’ll use the general diagramming tool for mind-maps and other revision-focussed things. ARIS Express is meant for modelling and thinking about business processes, but I’m finding it easier to use than most dedicated mind-mapping software as (a) I use it in my day job and (b) I don’t find I can live within the constraints of pure mind-maps when I’m revising!

I’ve also joined Facebook this week. I’ve decided to restrict my activities on it to family, friends of 20+ years standing that I don’t get to see enough of in real life and fellow OU students. If you fall outside of those categories, please don’t take it personally if I don’t accept your friend invitation! I just need to get used to this strangely compelling environment slowly. I already have enough ways of procrastinating already, you see.

Bracknell here I come …

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