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  1. Clarice

    Too true, nothing like revision without procrastination. Sometimes it can be a little cathartic, and I will admit that I didn’t start revising until about a week before my last exam. I just knew that if I did it too early, I’d still forget stuff that was vital.

    Thanks for the link to me by the way. There’s one coming right back at you! 😀

    • tim

      Ahh, finding other blogs that talk about studying at the OU was also part of my procrastination process the other evening, as well as messing around with the WordPress theme!



    • tim

      Hi Arnold,

      Not even I’m mad enough to try creating my own theme while trying to revise! October 19th looks free, though …

      And yes, I’m surprised how few OU bloggers are out there – maybe I’ve just not found them all yet? Back to google, sorry, revision for me now …


  2. Clarice

    I was surprised too when I started a few years back. I searched quite intensively to find other people, not even doing the same courses as me just students in general, but there were hardly any. I think a few more may have cropped up in the past couple of years, but it’s still pretty thin on the ground. I do find that searches relating to the OU are some of my biggest referrals, so people must be looking for it.

    If you want a way of procrastination with regards to WP templates and you’re able to create PSD files, then take a look at the Divine Project. I wasted many an hour fiddling with it a while back.

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