DD303 – the final countdown

So. October’s here and the DD303 exam is looming ever closer. I’ve now managed a complete circuit of the chapters I said I was going to revise, including the ones I’m intending to use as backup material. I feel ok, but I’m aware that I need to do rather more work over the remaining 15 days or so before the exam to get myself to the point where I stand a reasonable chance of getting the grade I want.

As part of the process, I’ve been revisiting my notes, correcting them and adding in links to other material as well as trying to answer past exam questions either by writing out essays (not very good at that still and my handwriting is bordering on illegible) or making essay plans (I’ve managed a few more of those, but still illegible).

Though these are unlikely to be my final versions of my notes, I’ve included links to my ‘version 2’ documents below (plus a new one pager on ACT-R), just in case they’re of use to anyone out there.

DD303 – Attention – Chapter2 v2

DD303 – Perception – Chapter3 v2

DD303 – Recognition – Chapter4 v2 and Bruce and Young’s model of face recognition

DD303 – Concepts – Chapter5 v2

DD303 – Problem Solving – Chapter10 v2

DD303 – Connectionism v2

Condensed notes on ACT-R (Cognitive Architectures, DD303 Chapter 16)

I’ve also decided to have a quick look at the memory chapters again tonight (glass of wine in hand, hic!) just to see if they stick any better than say, attention, which I’ve been struggling with somewhat. I don’t want to change horses at this stage, but I guess even if I don’t, I may find some material that could help with (perhaps) the cognitive architecture chapter.

Update 04/10/2010: Nope – the memory chapters won’t stick at all for me. Back to plan A!

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Reader Comments

  1. Charly

    Tim your notes are fab. You have put an awful lot of work into this. I´m sure it´ll pay off really well 🙂
    I attempted and made copious notes on working memory (which i would pass on but are on paper) but really really don´t like it, LTM is much nicer though.
    Enjoy the vino! Thoroughly deserved I say.
    Good luck, Charly

  2. mazal

    Thank you so much for your amazing notes- It really helped. Hope you get a fab mark for all the work you put in I think it was an ok exam…For me its DD307 now but first a well earned break 🙂

    • tim

      Hi Poppy,

      Thanks – I think it was ok! I’ll be writing a proper blog post in the next couple of days once I’ve had a chance to get myself together again.


  3. Susie Morgan

    Hi Tim

    Sat my ED209 today, which is the last bit of my D15 Conversion. Taken 5 years, & I have to write to thank you for your notes – I discovered them last year. I would like to wish you all the very best with your DD303 results & for your future courses. Your notes have been a huge help. Thank you!!!


    • tim

      Hi Susie,

      Hope the ED209 exam went well. I’ve got another year left (DD307 next) before I finish D15, so congratulations on achieving yours!

      All the best,


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