Less than 10 days to go …

Just in case anyone was wondering, the DD303 exam starts:

too late – it’s all over now!

So stop reading this blog now (or in my case, writing it) and get on with that revision. You know you want to do it. The time for procrastination is over … well, maybe tomorrow anyway.

Best wishes to all for the exam – and let’s hope the questions (and the examiners) are kind to us.

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  1. Paula

    My exam starts earlier than that I live in Brunei and we are 7 hours ahead and I have the same day and start time as you guys only I’ll be finished while most of you will still be sleeping… Good Luck and thank you for all the revision tips they are fab… now to really stop procrastinating px

    • tim

      Hi Paula,

      I could look at how to adjust the clock for timezone, but I fear I’ve done enough procrastination already! All the best for the 18th.


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