DD303 final revision chaos … and my study buddy, sorry, bunny

My brain is too frazzled to write a proper blog entry today, but I need a break from revision. So I’ve taken a couple of photographs instead:

I hope that some of this is sinking in ...
I hope that some of this is sinking in ...
... but my study bunny is not convinced.
... but my study bunny is not convinced.

All the best to everyone for Monday.

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Reader Comments

  1. Elizabeth Blomfield

    Hi Tim,
    Just wanted to say good luck today to you and all the DD303-ers. Your notes have been a godsend and I’ll be making a donation to your charity as a small thank you later this week – after my ED209 exam on Wed when my brain is less fried!
    Best wishes,
    Libby (from Oslo – yes, word of your blog has spread to Nordic climes)

    • tim

      Thanks Libby – hope ED209 goes well for you on Wednesday. Just trying to recover now from the strange torture that is writing for 3 hours with a pen! Ice packs required I think.


  2. Zoe Selling

    I’m glad your exam went well (just been on the DD303 conference). I hope your taking a well earned break now 🙂

    The photo of your table made me laugh as it’s exactly the same as mine atm (if you take away the DD303 books and add DD307 ones!) 🙂

    • tim

      Thanks Zoe – I will definitely be taking a break … well, until I launch into DD307 next year, that is.

      Hope the exam goes well for you (tomorrow?) You’ll also be glad to know that the dining room table looks a lot better now and the bunny is pleased he has the room back to himself again!


  3. Zoe sellings

    Thankyou, the exam went so-so… I’m trying not to think about it too much as I could have answered the questions soooo much better! Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of an experience next year with DD307, it’s urm, different! It is nice having the table back aswell though! Good luck for your result 🙂

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