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I’ve tidied away my cognitive psychology notes and books this evening, ready for their ritual transfer to the attic on Saturday. One more year down, one more to go on the psychology diploma. The most shocking thing about the exam for me on Monday morning was that of the 5 chapters I’d revised for part II of the exam (attention, perception, recognition, concepts and problem solving), all 5 came up! I was expecting to have a choice of 3 or 4 from the 6 questions, but having 5 to choose from threw me completely for a few minutes at the start. In the end, I went for the perception and concepts questions after I’d answered the ones on connectionist and rules-based models.

I’m not entirely happy with what I wrote, but I hope that it was good enough. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to write more in the 3 hours, but on reflection perhaps I could have written less and written it better. Anyway, all will be revealed a couple of weeks before Christmas, I guess!

I’m definitely going to take a break from doing anything related to OU psychology for the next few weeks; there’s a whole heap of things that have piled up in “real life” this year that I really need to take some time out to deal with. However, it won’t be too long before I get to have a peek at DD307. I see from my student homepage that the books are due for dispatch on 19th November – if that’s right, I think that will be earlier than I’ve ever received a set of books in advance of an OU course starting.

I know that there’s been a fair few people studying ED209 this year that have found my blog – I hope the exam went well for you all today and it’s been nice to hear from some of you too!

I’m now going to take some time to breathe again, but I’ll still be blogging. It’s been great to have your company over the last few months and if you’re doing the social psychology course next year I hope you’ll stick around – and even if you’re not, I still hope you’ll stick around!

One thing I’m absolutely certain of is that DD307 will be a very different experience to this year’s course. Onwards and upwards …

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