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  1. KateP

    Wow, well done Tim. Those are great scores!
    Alongside that, well done for helping a lot of other people get good grades too with your fantastic notes!

  2. mazal

    I missed a 2:1 by 4 marks I am gutted- the only way I can get a 2:1 now is by getting a distinction in dd307- I wish I understood what I was doing wrong- so I could improve my results- do you have any advice????


  3. adam

    Well done Tim, outstanding results. I fared less well but I have been enriched by this whole experience. I got stuck on the problem solving question which was limited to one paradigm so I had ‘problems’ showing my full knowledge. Having turned in some good answers for earlier questions I ran out of steam a bit by the cog architectures and turned in a less than perfect essay.

    Oh well onwards and upwards.

  4. Rebecca

    Has anyone else not received their course result for DD303 2010?. I know other students got their results on Thursday 16th December. My Student Home page just states ‘not available yet’ with no explanation or clue as to when it will be available.

    • tim

      Hi Rebecca,

      I think there’s a few people in this situation, as there have been a number of posting in the DD303 FirstClass forums (and for DD307 too). Various explanations appear to have been offered: snow disruption, borderline cases and so on, but no-one really seems to know definitively when the remaining results will appear. There’s some suggestions that it might be early next week – but the best thing to do if you’re worried is to probably contact the OU directly.

  5. sarah

    OMGGGG that is AMAZING!! I just saw this and wow, i can only dream of such results 🙁 Well done!!! wish you could write my essays and do my exam for me 🙂

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