DD307 – Block 1 notes finished

I managed to get to the end of the reading and note making for block 1 of DD307 a couple of days ago. It felt mostly like a very, very long introduction, with chapters dedicated to the history of social psychology, the different epistemological stances and methods used and a brief overview of the topics that the British Psychological Society say make up the domain.

It means I now have to face writing my first essay of the year which needs to discuss the ways that different methods either limit, constrain and distort people’s experiences or to reflect their richness.

Let me see, that would be an open invitation to bash the cognitive social perspective wouldn’t it? Or maybe I can be brave and try to argue the opposite case … I’m not sure if that’s necessarily advisable though.

My alternative is to flick through some more of SD226 and its lovely pictures of brains.

No contest really – it has to be the DD307 essay!

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