DD307 – I’m rather enjoying this course so far!

I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy DD307, but I am making good progress with it so far. I have a draft TMA01 essay (which is not due in until 2nd March). I’ve finished my notes on families this afternoon and earlier on in the week I read through the chapter on emotion for the first time.

The chapter on families majors on two of the critical approaches.  The discursive approach is positioned using discussions on singleness and how the domestic division of labour between the sexes is achieved. The social psychoanalytic approach is introduced by looking at the role of siblings and the impact of wider social and cultural influences in the formation of our identities.

Much as I’m sceptical about the social psychoanalytical perspective, I am hugely attracted by Wendy Hollway’s notion that it is “investment” rather than “choice” which explains the contradictions and complexities found in the subject positions we take up.

In other words, some of the social discourses we could apparently “choose” from are in reality (I need to be careful about using that word!!) unavailable to us because our unconscious defence mechanisms kick in to limit our choices. These unconscious mechanisms have been built up through the close (parental and sibling) relationships we have, which are in turn impacted by social factors including our cultural, historical and physical location.

I’m still of the view that the discursive perspective is more useful, as it doesn’t appear to rely on anything quite so speculative as unconscious processes, which by their very nature are unknowable. I think I’ve backed down a little from the view I expressed in a tweet I sent a few days ago that the social psychoanalytic perspective was no better than astrology!

SD226 is a different matter. I’ve still not really started looking properly at the course materials, although I have printed off the first TMA, which seems to based largely on book 1 (and a discussion on plagiarism). I think the way I’m going to tackle the first part of this course will be to strategically read book 1 with just the TMA in mind.

At the moment, I really wish I didn’t have to do SD226 as part of my degree. But DD307 is fun!

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  1. Katie Stanley

    Hi Tim,

    You might be surprised by SD226! I’ve just finished the first chapter and actually found it pretty straightforward. Quite a lot of the stuff was familiar from DD303 (studying damaged brains etc) and also from some of the bio stuff on ED209. Its given me hope that it won’t be as difficult as the reviews seem to say! and at least its stuff that has more of a definitive answer rather than DD307 which so far to me seems quite ethereal (that’s my big word for today!).

    best wishes

    • tim

      Hi Katie,

      I did read quite a lot of the first SD226 book yesterday, so it doesn’t seem as frightening now! Reading it with the questions for the first TMA in mind helped too.

      Oh – and congratulations – yours was the 400th comment published on my blog! No prize for that I’m afraid though!

  2. Gail Ollis

    Just wait until you get to reading 2.2; relatively speaking, astrology is starting to look quite good to me right now!

    I’m visiting today because having just read the said 2.2 I am at a total loss about how to start writing anything that resembles sensible notes on it. So of course I turned to you, as you are always a good bet for a clear summary of a chapter.

    P.S. Good luck with SD226. It’s a course I have really enjoyed in hindsight, because I find myself applying the knowledge from it to a surprising number of news stories, documentaries and even the occasional TV drama! Not quite as much fun at the time – I found the material interesting, but the word count endlessly frustrating. In my experience, you need to be good at guessing exactly which points they are looking for in the answer. It’s SO maddening when you choose the wrong bits to cut from an answer that is already hyper-terse and has to start shedding facts to fit!

    • tim

      Hi Gail,

      As it happens, I read it through for the first time this morning before work, even though I’ve still not quite finished off my notes on ‘self’. I see what you mean about it! 🙂

  3. Gail Ollis

    Ha! I bracketed the “I’m visiting today” paragraph in my comment with compliment…./compliment in html-style angle brackets. But of course they must have been treated as invalid html, and so have disappeared. Oh well, you probably figured out it was a compliment anyway!

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